Monday, July 16, 2007

Shen Me Gan Jue?

Disturbing... but yet, impressing, makes you wondering right from the start. And in every step in the journey it’s like you know how it’s going to ended, but yet keep you craving to hope there’s got to be another way. Never wanted to stop. Even when he said he does not believe in hope. Off course, there are strong unwillingness to see it is ending like that, but in the same time it also relieving. Like a pail of cold water had been poured into your heart, but instead, who’s heart won’t be warmed seeing a life time foe became friend holding friend’s hand right to the very end, wishing each other a better life to lived.

Tragic, yet still beautifully heroic.
Sad, yet ironically contented.
It's Edmon Dantes craftsman skill met Vi's idealistic perseverance.

It's not a story about avenging..., it’s about forgiving!

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Ma Wang / The Devil / Lucifer

Sin Minha, Eom Taewong, Jo Jihun
KBS/March 2007/20 episodes
KBSWorld aired by Indovision Ch 68

It started years ago in high scholl, a rich broken home boy, Gang Ohsoo and his bunch friends suppress stuttered Yeongcheol. It became ugly when Yeongcheol’s friend, Jeong Taehun was killed in incident by Ohsoo hand. Ohsoo’s father, a powerful businessman and politician, buy him his way out of this trouble, even though Ohsoo wanted to confess and repent for his fault. Taehun’s mother became so broken hearted, and killed in an car accident in front of her younger son Jeong Taeseong. Meanwhile, Seo Haein, a young girl with psychometric ability try her best to convince the authority about what really happened according to her sight, but who would believed such things.

In present time, Ohsoo became a policeman, one of the best in the field. In one case, he meet Haein, and discovered that sets of Tarot Cards she drew were stolen, and later become the hand sign of a serial killers victimize people around him. She then agreed to help him finding this killer with her abilities. In these times, a young brilliant defendant lawyer, Oh Seungha come to their life, professionally and personally, and shake it all inside out. The three involve in each other and along the process learned about accepting life, feel the pain of loving and the pain of hatred, facing friends and foes, dealing with trust and betrayals.

In the end, when all the truth is revealed, they both facing their own devil. A gift that comes with responsibilities. A guilt that burdened every breath you take. A hatred that stoned your heart and trapped you in dark tunnel with no light. And when revenge could not set you free, forgiveness can. Not just forgiving others, but more important is forgiving oneself.

* * *

It made me wonder, and thinking of a lot of what if. What if Ohsoo did confess? What if Yeongcheol did have the courage to tell the truth? What if young Seungha did not meet with Taeseong? What if Ohsoo were not that strong will? What if Seungha were not that brilliant and patient? What if they feel a little more loved a little sooner? What if both of them were just a little less stubborn?! Because like Seungha said, it’s not likely that the weakness of people that brought them down, it is their strength.

Anyway, it maybe not a Hollywood's happy ending movie, but it is a series that left such feeling. An impression that will stay long after the credits rolled up. Two thumbs up!!

>>>And another thumb ups for Jo Jihun in potraying Oh Seungha's expression,
made me shivered everytime he change from his smiling face to his cold and harsh devil face in an instant blink of eye!
He's totally out of his Prince performace ^_^

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