Monday, July 16, 2007


Overhearing an old couple's talk:

"What are you looking for in that cupboard?" she asked.
"Nothing," answered he.
"Well, I'm sure it's not there. Look in the chest under the bed."

When people in love, they often use term like words cannot say what I'm feeling or words are not enough to express how I feel or things like that. The question is, does it really necessary?

Since our childhood, we were taught to use words to communicate in order to make life easier to others. Instead of crying - which we know since our first breath - babies learn to call whenever they hungry (or pee). Then, children learn more words to explore the world. Growing up, teenager learn how to use it to scold others. After that, as adults we uses decorated courteous words to get what we wanted. Oh please..., what can be more complicated than that!

While words can deliver your intention, this can also be deceiving and exaggerating. That’s why there are other tools we usually used, i.e. gesture and body language. Although those some times could be misinterpreted, they are more honest and handy (exception should be made for Sidney Bristow and all her colleagues). Well, like they said, one deed could speak louder that a thousand words!

Back to the beginning of this writing, I just wonder..., while people in love some times found difficulties to express their feeling towards their spouses with words, old couples communicate perfectly without the necessity of using too much words. So to a newly wed Nothing! could really mean Lets start a fight because you don't understand me at all!, but to Grandma and Grandpa Nothing! had the meaning Sorry Dear, I couldn't find my smoking pipe, do you know where it is?

Does it mean that wherever we spent a good time with someone, little by little you gave up the complexity of life, i.e. courteous words and turn into our basic communication style, i.e. gesture. Tools into intentions. Politeness into understanding.

So, if you now have to conduct a serenade under your lover's windows just to try to say Do you know that I love you? just enjoy it, make a good memory. Maybe if you're lucky, 30 years from now you are able to share a real good love story to your grandchildren, and by then one look... just one look and a smile could mean Darling, you know I love you, I have always been and will always be!

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