Wednesday, December 08, 2004

National Treasure

Just last night I saw this movie. Quite good. Have some riddle, some adventure, some action chasing scene. Kind of mixing Indiana Jones and Lara Croft.

Basic line of the story is about finding The Knights Templar Treasure. Well is sounds familiar right... Well, there are three things that makes it special. One, the treasure map. It said that 9 people of the Founding Fathers were actually members of Freemason organization, decendent of knights that protect this treasure, so they think, the Iron Pen, the perfect place to be the map was the American Declaration of Independence itself. Two, the clues are actually public item, 100 dollars bill, sand and stew bell, sillence togood letters. Three, the chasing scene of action is located in the city, Washington, Philadelphia, New York.

Time goes by, the story buried under secret and legends, pass from father to son to grand son. Last person who know and dare to believe it is Benjamin Franklin Gates. Yeah.... the name speaks the man. He dig some old story to find the first clue. Unfortunately, this first clue and the humbla dumbla treasure story fall to a villain. So now the treasure hunter turn to be treasure protector. Like the bad guy does not crowd enough, here come the FBI. So.... the chashing and outwitting began....

What I like the most from this movie, was when they all trapped in the dungeon full of treasure. The treasure they were looking for so long, was there on their sight, but the most beatiful sight was the ladder up.
Hehe, logic and priority! :)

I wonder if there is a treasure hidden in Monas?? Or beneath?? Hmm... ;p

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