Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Famous Thief - Xiao Shi Yi Lang

Kungfu Series, 40 Episode
Starring : Nicky Wu, Athena Chu, Yu Bo

Synopsis, taken from Mars
Image hosted by Photobucket.comXiao ShiYiLang is a happy-go-lucky thief who robs the rich and gives to the poor. On one of his missions, he gets involved in a messy fight for a legendary saber, the Deer Carver, and makes the acquaintance of Shen Bijun, the fairest woman in the martial world. By the will of fate, he rescues Shen several times, which plants the seed of love in both of their hearts.
However, Shen is engaged to Lian Chengbi, a young and outstanding martial artist from a prominent family. The wedding is to be held in a couple of days, and it doesn't help that Xiao is a mere thief, which is no comparison with Lian's or Shen's prominent family background. It appears that the romance between Xiao and Shen is hopeless from the very beginning.
Feng Siniang, Xiao's best friend, is a beautiful swordswoman with a quick temper. Feng has always loved Xiao, but Xiao looks upon her merely as a sister.
Meanwhile, another young man, Yang Kaitai, is infatuated with Feng. The Yangs are prosperous horse breeders who run a big ranch under Lian family. As a seasoned businessman, Yang is usually cautious and shrewd. However, whenever he is in Feng's presence, he becomes a dumb goose. Unknown to Kaitai, his father Yang Tianzan is hiding a dark secret as murky and as astonishing as the puzzle of the Deer Carver.
Their destinies are interwoven into a tangled web of love, greed, jealousy, hatred, and vengeance.

I really really like this series. Never been this satisfied to kungfu series in a long time. It is nice and funny but the story has a solid plot.

The hero is not the kind stupid downtrodden victimized man, but much more smart and free (and all other good character a hero should have).

The main lady character is cute, but more than that, she also strong, clever and percertive. She may be not to good in martial arts but she definetly not weak. Diferrent from Huang Rong in Legend of Condor Heroes, Bijun is not as knowledgeable. But she does have a brain and use it very accurately. She listen and watch people talk and do, think about it quickly but carefully, and can sense what hidden before it. So, the actions she take is never stupid husty one. The one that really suitable for the hero, she is not a burden to him, she become his strength against the villain.

Yang Kaitai, is another story. First impresion will be fool, but first impression could be deceived. He develope along the story and becoming a man you can really depend on.

Watching Lian Chengbi character in this story, I'm not sure what I'm thinking of him. Some part of me really hate him, but than I also feel sorry for him. He just insecure man needing for love and all he knows that people will love him if he is powerfull and great. None does he knows that it is his ambition and cautios that is keep driving people away from him.

My fav part is when Chengbi try to get advantage by making ShiYiLang decide not to kill him in any reason, because some poison makes Chengbi and Bijun's live conected. But Bijun see it in another perpective and said, Chengbi didn't get like that because of her, but it because he wanted to poisoned her. So if Chengbi killed ShiYiLang, she will killed herself too and get him destroy along. By saying that, she reminds Chengbi the same advantage ShiYiLang has as he do!!
Hmmm... what a smart spirit girl!

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