Monday, September 27, 2004

Va dove ti porta il cuore - Follow your Heart

Pergilah kemana hati membawamu – Susanna Tamaro
Kehidupan itu seperti Ular Tangga. Kau dapat melakukan sesuatu, namun tidak melakukannya, kau malah mundur dan bukannya maju ke depan. Ketika jalanmu bercabang kau berpapasan dengan kehidupan lainnya. Berkenalan atau tidak dengan mereka, terlibat dengan mereka atau membiarkan mereka lewat begitu saja, semua itu tergantung semata2 pada keputusan sesaat. Meskipun mungkin kau tidak mengetahuinya, hidupmu atau hidup orang2 yang dekat denganmu dipertaruhkan saat kau memilih, entah berjalan lurus atau belok

This novel is written by a woman, for woman, about woman. An old lady passing her history of life to her grand daughter hoping she would read and take advantage by not making the same mistakes she did.

For a novel, I thought this one is a quite special. Her writting style is like writting a diary, but rather than a personnal diary, this diary is meant to be read by others. All her life journey is illustrated clearly in those words.

For a character, I'm not to fond of this Olga lady. She is weaks and weary. Maybe it's becoz the way her parents brought her up, maybe it becoz the society, but she still weaks. I don't mean the way she makes her decision, but rather the way she react to things that happens in her life. Specially when she decide to have a baby from the man that she really loved. OK, that is cheating on her husband, but it's her decision. But when that man died, why on earth she abandoned this child??? So why that she wants this child in the first place?? To keep the man under her control or something?? Sorry... just could not accept that. If she really love that man, she should love this child more, isn't it?

But, than again, the purpose of this write is to prevent her granddaughter doing the same mistakes. So in any way, this is true honest book. Hope we can all take our lesson from here. :)

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