Saturday, July 28, 2012

--More Crime Story Fever--

These are my curent fever of crime story series on TV. Can't get enough of them!!!

First one, Korean drama....

Title: 특수사건전담반 TEN / Special Affairs Team TEN
Episodes: 9
Broadcast network: KIX

Special Affairs Team TEN is a criminal investigation unit that tackles the most violent crimes in South Korea. These crimes usually have less than a 10% rate for arrests. They chase the most notorious killers who attempt to commit the perfect crimes.

Yeo Ji Hoon is former top-notch detective, but now works as a professor. He then becomes the leader of Special Affairs Team TEN. Nam Ye Ri has been a detective for 4 years. She joins Special Affairs Team TEN because of her psychological reasoning powers. Baek Do Sik is 24 year veteran detective. He possesses a keen sense of intuition, which he honed from his many years as a detective. Park Min Ho is a new detective. He joins Special Affairs Team TEN after impressing Professor Yeo Ji Hoon with his reasoning powers.

I really like the twists in every episode, and how logic walks well beside intuition and experience.
(IMHO, why can't Indonesian sinetron made one like this? Put that screaming away and start do some LOGIC in the stories) *yeah, keep dreaming!*

Second one, Sherlock's back! Darker and sexier, demanding... now more than ever!!

Title: Sherlock Season 2
Episodes: 3
Broadcast network: beTV

Yeah, BBC's new interpretation of old Sherlock is back. Just saw the first episode A Scandal in Belgravia which starring Irene Adler as THE Woman that could made Sherlock blinks his eyes. Love it. Love it. LOVE IT.
Brain is the new sexy.... hahaha.....!
Can't wait for the next two.

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