Sunday, June 03, 2012

Man In Black 3: Back In Time

Just saw MIB III last night. It's good enough. Nothing 'nutricious'. Classic american super hero alien movie, with time travel twist. I like Emma Thompson and Josh Brolin as additions to Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. Looks like WS now a leading man rather than a rookie to TLJ. Griffin stole some spotlights. Boris was terribly conventional villain. Missed the Worms and that big mouth dog a little. The coolest gadget was the one-wheel-motorcycle. Love it! :) (and funny to see "now" standard issue gadget way back then).

But what I want to hightlight here was the movie comically pictured about how time changes people perceptions in just few decades. So in one scene, a little boy saw Agent Jay drank his choco milk, and said to his mother, "Mr. President just stole my milk!" In few scenes after, back in 1959, a man ride an elevator with the very same Agent Jay and he's like very frighten or disgusted, then in other scene, two policemen stopped him for driving a convertible just bc his race. Hilarious!!!

It's a entertainment's movie. Don't think too much. Just sit, relax and enjoy the 3D.

Looking forward... soon:
* Batman: The Dark Rises
* The Amazing Spiderman

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