Sunday, November 02, 2008


I hate Harry Potter books. Those books are soooo gooooood that I almost forget every fantasy book I read before and lost interest to read any after them. And every attempt to compare this story to another would make me consider it's an act of insult. Well... almost every time. Some other time it just made me laugh out loud 'cause I think it's not even in the same level.

The only classic that I do remember is Lord of The Rings Trilogy. So if that story could last for so many years, with so many permanent lovers and still attract so many young virgin readers, I do believe that Harry Potter books will do as much, and even more. The boy survived. The books will too.

Some, very few, fantasy books does survive my lack of desire to read. And most of them get my sneer after, other get a sigh of disappointments. Like Bartimeaus Trilogy, a nice well written story, with smart talks, and bring a new perspective and new point of view. Very good. I just hate the ending. I mean I know that IS best ending, honest, heroic, beautiful.... But it also made the last impression was emptiness (..and I still gave this books a four stars, what happened to me???..)

Or the story of a dragon name Saphira and her Rider, which I wait for the third and "told to be" the last book with the same anticipation like Deathly Hallows. Then it disappointed me even before it released, because it's not the last one, it's not going to be trilogy, it's going to expand into a cycle, bla..bla..bla... I still read it though, and it was good and exciting and yes, I do still waiting for the rest of the story, but not with the same excitement anymore. It's more like caution. Will it be the last, or it still be continued on? I do not like this feeling. Whether it's seven or three (or four), I prefer to see the limit.

Another was a story published before Philosopher's Stone from a writer down under. It's about a magicians guild and the practice of black magic. Some were asking whether this story is inspired by Harry Potter (which is impossible considering the time line), I said.. yeah right, I don't even see the similarity... or the class. People...please....

And then there were a vampire story everyone buzzing around. In the book club, in the forums, advertising from bookstores. It's the next Harry Potter. It's even bigger than Harry Potter. The movie even shifting HP6 movie schedule released. OK, lets find out. Book one, wow..., it hooked me and I couldn’t let this book down. Book two, ehmm... well... it's OK, I think. Book three, say what...??! Book four.... oh, common... what ridiculous thing it is... (and if u think albus severus potter was a rather compulsive name, try Renesmee, ha!)

So, by and by, I really hate Harry Potter. Those books are so good, that everything before was indistinct and everything after is insipid or wrong. That's all I had to say. Now, I crave to read Half Blood Prince again (for the gazillion time), to mourn for Dumbledore and to try understand Snape a little bit more.


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