Friday, June 20, 2008

-- twilight --

I think one of the term of a good book is that it should told the story the way the character's personality. Like Jane Austen write Pride and Prejudice with cockiness and dignity, or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote Sherlock Holmes with the sense of loneliness. You know, not with descriptive narration, but you can feel it deep inside, and all over, in the soul of the books. Make them completely unforgettable.

I rarely found this taste so thick in modern literary. So it came to my surprise to read this book. And for more surprises, it came from fantasy novel about vampire. Not an usual topic for deep meaningful story. But as I said the taste is thick.

Twilight is charmed, enchanted, desired, demanded, forbidden and restrained. It's confusing and frustrating and lonely and mind-struggling. It's honest and carefully. It's reclusive yet blunt. It's mischievous. It's smart. It's BEAUTIFUL. Just like Edward. Just like Edward and Bella. Just like Edward and the Cullens. It's BEAUTIFUL.

OMG - I think I'm mesmerized by him.

Comparing with the other vampire stories, like Bram Stoker's Dracula or The Vampire's Chronicles and Queen of the Damn, this story is quite lightweight. It's more like teen lit (well, it is one of the Top 10 Best Books for Young Adults from American Library Association). Except the literary style that is extra-ordinary, another stong point is the characterization, it's more modern and classic in the same time. It's modern in the way they think and act and styling themself, but it's also classic, just like a century-seventeen-years-old vampire would have like it. Beside that, the line between black and white, good and evil has been re-written. Edward maybe a villain, but not the bad guy. Edward is not Count Draculla, although he is - in my imagination - as charming as Tom Cruise's Lestat or Brad Pitt's Louis were, and Isabella Swan is most definitely more strong, smart and independent than Wilhelmina Murray, even though they share some of stereotype feminine weakness.

Overall, it has become one of my favorite books of all time. (Or maybe I just mesmerized by him like I said before, 'coz I - like her - also do have some serious logic problem around him). ^_^

PS: I don't know why, but after reading this book, my head keep playing the song from NGC's commercial, you know, the one that end with "THE WHOLE WORLD IS JUST OWESOME". Some logic problem again, I guess.

PS2: Just read the twilight website. There are much much more to come from this book, and from what I saw, a good ones... can't wait....

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