Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My House in Umbria

Image hosted by It's a peacefull morning. One woman rushing to the station, almost miss her train. Then, in her compartment, already sit an american family with a little daughter, an old english general and his daughter, and a young lovers. They all ready to settled to their journey, when suddenly a bomb tearing it apart.

That woman is Mrs. Emily Delahunty (Maggie Smith). A so called romans novelist, enjoying her pensione time in a house in Italian countryside called Umbria. She came out as a survivor along with the little girl, the old general, and the german young man. They all lost someone dear to their heart that day, except her, "cause there are no one left to be lost anymore", she said.

So as a favor, she welcome them all to her house, while waiting for the politia investigates the incident. She also waiting for the little girl's relative came from america... the uncle. Here in this house, one by one, secrets of everyone life revealed. Bittersweat love story, anger, idealism, righteous, and debt colouring their past and their relations one another as well as founded their future.


What I'm really take from this movie are 2 things. First, it doesn't put people in black and white. They all just human. With their own dark side and sweet side. So yes this woman has good nature, but she also nosey, drinks a lot and write adult romans. And who said terorist is always cruel and fearful. How about a ambitious workaholic? Is it bad or just a passion to work? This movie not just said, they have their own reasons, or bad things happened to everyone. It potray human as humanbeing. Not more not less...

Second, as fans of Agatha Christie, Mrs. Delahunty really reminds me of Ms Marple. Old woman, nothing to do, busybody, good intuition, and lot of people would say smart-pants. But in the end, when proved that what she said is true, actually it just because she was a good observer with deep feelings to the others. A really complex personality.

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