Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Last night is really not my night. After take off from the office, I ussually take a bus to train station then ride the express electric train towards my home in Jakarta's suburb. But yesterday, the road was so crowded. There was a traffic jam on the way to station, so it almost took twice as long as my usuall day. So I thought, I'll miss the train anyway, why didn't I just go by bus.
But hey... traffic jam was not ended there, it's everywhere. It seems, would I have waited to the last train, I should have got home earlier then last night bus.

Anyway, that is not this story is about. While waited for the bus, an old man came to me and asked the way to Duren Sawit. It's somewhere east of Jakarta. So, according to general rules of "question about way" I directed that man to what bus he should took and where he should waited for that bus. But he than said, he didn't ask about the bus, he asked which way will go to Duren Sawit. What the hack?? He didn't seemed to ride his his own car (or anyone car), why did he asked for direction?? He seemed to understand my amazement, so he said proudly, "I will walk!" What the hack?? It's about what, 20 or 30 KM away... maybe more. And public bus is quite cheap. But, again, he said "I will walk!" So I pointed the general way to go there, and he just walked.....

What the hack....??! :-/

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