Friday, February 18, 2005

After the Sunset

The first 10 minutes of this movie had made me wondering, how can a movie tell a story about thieves, stealing the biggest diamond under FBI protection, without taking the audience to the very basic of it, the plans and preparations? Or maybe it is my mistake, this is not about it, it is a romantic comedy setting in Bahama....

Max Burdett (Pierce Brosnan) and Lola (Salma Hayek) are partners in crime (and in love). They decide to retired after stealing big diamond and overwit FBI Agent Lloyd (Woody Harellson) who swore to get even.

Some seven years latter, Burdett, wealthy and bored on the beach Bahama, get an wake up call from Agent Lloyd. A cruise with Napoleon Diamond's exhibition are going on shore of their island for a week. Meanwhile Sophie (Naomie Hariss), beautiful loco cops are pursuing Caribean mafia (Don Chaddle), who incidently has a personnal agenda for this diamond. So this mouse and cat game begin, overwit and double cross for everyone. Who's gonna laugh the last??

In overall, this movie has nothing special in any way. The stealing part it's not awesome. The love story, predictible, bored and too many french kiss. If there's no hilarious scene between Burdett and Lloyd going fishing to save the day, I think this movie should never released. With that line of cast, we should hoping something much much more. Hayek is played poor pity girl who wants paradise but ended making beach deck. What a wasting of talent. Don Chaddle is really down on his carrier on this movie after Hotel Rwanda, dissapointing. For Brosnan, Burdett is not the first thieve character he played, he also starring Thomas Crown on the remake of Thomas Crown Affair. I heard the sequel of Thomas Crown is on the way. Another stereotype cast after being kicked out from James Bond?

Beside that there's a lot of thief_got_away kind of movie nowdays. From Swordfish, Ocean Eleven (and the sequel Ocean Twelve), Italian Job, The Entrapment to remake movie like Thomas Crown Affair and The Saint. Is it the sign of our culture that getting more permitive, or just bored and want more challenge in life??

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