Tuesday, February 15, 2005


This movie tell a story from inside out view. How would you feel if you and your entire family's privacy is widely explored? You can't do anything without a couple photographer tailing your footstep. Their weapons of choice are long lenses camera, their works can make... or destroy ones carrier. But one thing for sure, when you reach the top, you are the prey and they became the ultimate hunter.

Bo Laramee (Cole Hauser) ones was an average man, happily married with a son, when suddenly one movie boost his star over the sky. It is like everything he ever wished for, accept this come with high price. Not a single minute passed by without flashing for the tabloids.

This annoying feelings turn into desperate hate after four of them trap him and his family into car accident, and unmorally taken picture of the injured family. Facing a wife in intensive care and a son in a coma, and police could not do anything without hard evidence, he decides to vangeance himself. And the prey begins to hunt the hunter.... one by one.


The term paparazzi begin well known when they stalked Princess Diana, during her life and it said to caused his accident. Nowdays, they are everywhere around the famous, no matter if it is a movie star, pop star, athletes, politicus, royal family or even a criminal. When their ethic and moral oftenly questioned, people_who_read_tabloid's ethic and moral is not just as well. The chain was, paparazzi shoot, tabloid sell, people read. People can argue that they don't need those pictures, but hey... tabloids oplah prove otherways.

Mel Gibson who produce this movie, I think, has a problem with taking justice to his own hand :p (remember Payback??) But most of all, this just a glimpse of what celebrities consequencies would be. So be carefull for what you wish for :D

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