Monday, February 21, 2005

Finding Neverland

Young boys should never be sent to bed. They always wake up a day older, and than one day, they are all grown up.

I often wonder how famous writer get their inspirations, specially for their classic and unforgotten masterpiece. Finding Neverland answer one of my curiousity. This is the story of Sir James Matthew Barrie in short period of his life when he got inspiration of Peter Pan, developed and wrote about it until the opening night of the play in London Duke of Yorks Theatre.

It begins when JM Barrie (Johnnie Depp), a famous playwright in his time, felt bored of the same old theme for his play. Then one day, while walking his dog into Kensington Garden, he met the Llewelyn Davies boys and their recently widowed mother (Kate Winslet). Being friends with George, Jack, Peter and Michael suddenly reminds him of the wider childhood imagination. He sudennly found himself playing Indians and cowboys, prince and princesses, pirates, castaways and fairies with them. Turning backyards into hills, hills to galleon ships. Unlocking their every imagination by just believing, even for Peter, one who's bitter to life after his father died, and tried to grown before his time.

This relationship is not without resistance. Mme du Maurier, the boys' grandmother is concerning about her daughter friendship with married man could narrowing her future, while his own wife suddenly felt jealous and left behind, much more than ever been in their already cold married.

While living the life with the children, Barrie developed Peter Pan, a play based on them. And eventough half disbeliefing, his loyal producer (Dustin Hoffman) agreed to produce it. He deal with the actors and shock them by his childish request. Thight costume, flying in stage, talking to fairies, dogs-nanny, and ticking crocodiles. Then, he deal with the audience to reminds about a child trapped within themself.

But then, real life struck. Fate bring this writer to his adulthood again. Could sickness, separations, death or even growing up tought him and the ones he love to the wonder of neverland?


Every once an a while, one movie took stand and tickling your emotions. Sometimes with their awsome grand idea, sometimes with the shocking history, but sometime just by their simple life story. Finding Neverland is such a movie.

Peter Pan is a character that Freud himself need to make a psycological review about him. Seeing this movie, makes us a little bit understand what behind him and his creation proccess. Is wonderland only a land where time was put aside and could only hounting us like crocodile, or is it a sanctuary where our innocence, childhood dream and imaginations life forever. Growing up its not deniable. One minute we're just a child, the next, misery, responsibility and adulthood took over. But is it true that our imaginations and innocent lock behind with it? JM Barrie is just a genius writer who being true to wrote about it. And in my opinion, his idea of 25 scattered seat is really a great idea.

To storyline and editing itself quite enjoyable. It's amazing to see from a creator eyes, how children play add by imagination could result a remarkable play. If you just believe!!

Johnnie Deep never fail me to admire his work. Character he played is abundant in kind. From kindhearted monster in Edward Scissorhands, a father under stressed of terorrist in Nick Of Time, split personality writer in Secret Windows, flamboyant Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirrates of Carribean, or even a future mind constable in semi-horror Sleeping Hollow.I wonder what next....

Kate Winslet is as beautiful and talented as usual. But the debut of all of the boys of Llewelyn Davies are the best, especially Peter. He is really stealing some scene!!

Oh, I'm mumbling to much..., go on see it yourself. And bring a box of tissue... you'll need it.

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