Tuesday, February 22, 2005

21 Grams

How much does life weight
They said the moment someone died, they lost exactly 21 grams of their weight. Does it the weight of their soul? their memory? or their missery and hope? Where does this weight go, or more than that, what does this 21 grams would bring or would not bring to others? How could this 21 grams effected so heavily while it is just 21 grams.... the weight of a bar of chocolate, the weight of 7 nickles....

Professor Paul Rivers (Sean Penn), frustrated smoking addicted and dying unless he got a heart transplantation soon. His english wife wants to have memories of him by having his child.

Jack Jordan (Benicio Del Toro), ex confict that found peace in extreme way of the church. He tried to put everything behind and live stable life with his wife and raise their children. Live words-by-words by the Book

Christina Peck (Naomi Watts), married with 2 lovely daughters. House in suburbs, backyards, jobs, husband and friends. Her life could not be more happy.

These life seems to run independently until one terrible accident run a turnmoil among them. One day, while driving his truck, Jordan unintentionally hit Peck and his daughters. Instead of helping them, he panic and runs, and then sent his wife and priest to find news about them. The older sister died instantly while the younger died because of late handling of the injury. Their father suffer a brain damage and medically call death. His heart then transplanted to Paul.

Later, feel pain of quilty feelings, Jordan turn himself in and being sent to jail for sometimes. He refuse any help from their family and friends and then start to refuse God himself. Even though lawyers could make his time short, after the deliverance day, he choose to leave his family and live by his own.

Paul, who get better soon enough, find curiousity for the donor and their family, and sent for private detective just to found out about Christina who now finds comfort only in drugs and sedative. He try to be friend with her and help her for time to time. This relationship then evolve into an affairs that sent his wife back to England. Christina still drown in anger, ask Paul to seek revenge to Jordan.

Paul, being debt to Christina for his heart could not object, instead, he put this matter to his own hand. He look for Jordan, and after some yells and lectures he set him free and ask him never to return. To gratify her, Paul said that Jordan's death and that his body never could be found. But for his revealation and redemption, Jordan came back to them and seek for death himself. Another twisted fate, bring these three lives in an odd mournful reality again....


This movie is extraordinary. It can potray human emotional behave in the most tragic life of their time, and their effort to find redemption and peace in their hearts (literarly and metaforaly speaking). And don't think the storyline will be as linear as that, it will sharp-wittedly twist, bend and wretch your logic timeline to give more emotion gestures and chemical interaction between the protagonist. It will be much confusing in the beginning, more demanding in the middle and beutifully concluded in the end.

Just don't loose your concentration while watching it.

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