Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Prince of Thorns

Title: The Prince of Thorns
Series: Broken Empire #1
Author: Mark Lawrence
Publisher: Ufuk Fantasy Pbl (2011)
Pages: 512 pages
Original Published Date: 2011
Literary awards: David Gemmell Morningstar Award Nominee (2012), Goodreads Choice Award Finalist for Best Fantasy (2011)


Looking at the reviews' page of this book, clearly that this is whether LOVE it or HATE it kind of book, no medial rating. For me, after pass through the shocked of first few pages, I completely drawn in his rage and ambition. If Jorg is one badass 13 year old boy warrior, so be it. He had his reasons, very good ones too. If his ambition subdues his willingness to repent, lets just see how far it would take him. Part of me wanted him to be death, burned in all eternity for all his impious cruelty, but larger part of me call for the best wishes still exist for the young prince. D*mn you Jorg!

Jorg, Katherine, Sir Malkin and The Nuba
Taken from enife.deviantart.com

For the story sake, it was great that it gave no time to waste for reasoning for his nasty behaviour. His mother and brother slayed, his father made their death a comodity. That made him thirsty of avenging, a frenzy madness that made him see no different of killing one people or few hundreds, burning fields after fields, in return of victory. No lingering explainations. That just it. Period. If there was an explaination, it was for his action -which he gave to his brothers one time or another- and that just to add terror in his resume.

I also liked the twists near the end. That thing his father did to him, well, didn't expected that, I thought it's gonna be the other way around.  [**No, take that back, if a king could turn his queen and son's death into bargain of war, what stop him to do it again with his other son. I should have seen it came miles away.**] Jorg was filthy, his father was filthier. And that last turned with the necromancies and what they've done in the kingdoms, it set the story to whole other direction. Wonder how it's gonna fit with Jorg's big scheme. King by 15, Emperor by 20.

One thing that I found a little off in this story was that mechanical voice guarding the big door under the red castle. I mean, it's a bit ludicrous and certainly out of place. Name and Password. 1111 years. In the land far far away? Then, it was a useless jest, because the door was unlock??!? oh, plueeaaasseee..... --> *Luke Jorg, I am your father.* *whoops, wrong dream* T_T

So, Jorg, you obviously well educated and quick wit, strong will and never waver, sometimes a poet on you even emerged, a suitable material for such an Emperor. But like that glowing leucrota kid said, you'll need a reason to fight your war. I hope you'll find a good one, and sit on your throne without too much darkness behind you. It's been a while since I found such a worthy antihero. I'll see you again in the next book.



berni said...

I'm half through the first book and not too impressed. I like how it moves fast, the story, it's just the character of the kid really throws me off. I can't imagine grown men following this li'l kid; or this kid wielding a sword/dagger like a seasoned warrior. My brain is struggling to wrap around that idea, let alone that image; it's just not plausible, even if it is just fiction.

I read in a review (good reads) that towards the end of book one an explanation will bring my doubting-tom thinking to a stand still and all will make sense, which is my only reason to continue reading book one.

cynthia said...

Hey... that's what I thought too, I mean, seriously... 13?? Being bewitched or whatever, still...13??

But then again, looking at the fantasy stories nowdays, the age is getting younger and younger. Hunger Games told story about children gladiator (Rue was 12), HP started to fight "you-know-who" at 11, Max Ride were a bunch oh kids age 11-15, Inkheart's Meggie was 13... and hell, Bella Swan got married at age 17 (please don't throw up ^_^ ). I realise that this is not a YA fantasy -or is it?- but maybe that's the trend, to make the hero/heroine as young as possible... (I twitted about this age thing, and the author replied, said something about Alexander the Great being Regent of Macedonia at 16, so if I translated it to fantasy year, that means 11 years old, right?) LOL

But, age matter aside, I think PoT is quite "good", shockingly shake you to the bone by it's vivid and brutal action. *shiver*

berni said...

Ya know, I wouldn't be surprised if this book is made into a movie/tv series. It's written like a script.

You're right 'bout the main characters, they do seem to be getting younger.

By the way, I like your blog; you've got some good reads here.

cynthia said...

If it does turned into a movie, would they rated it PG?

Thanks, wish had more time to updated it. *sigh*

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