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(TV Series - 90 Minutes runtime)
Casts: Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman
Creators: Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat
Based on Sir Arthur Connan Doyle's Works


Don't you hate when they took something very good and very classic and turn it entirely wrong and hideous. It happens a lot, so when I saw the advertisement for this Sherlock Holmes series, I kind of hold my breath a little. After all, Sherlock is one of my fav character. Thank God, this one turns out very very good.

Sherlock now is not just smart and attentive to every details as ever, but also a young, very modern and technological savyy as well, and yeah... a very well dressed guy too (no wonder the gay's rumours is all over the place ^_* ). He's not doing drugs ("I've been clean for months!"), he doesn't not even smoke ("It's very hard to keep smoking habbit in London these days."). His peculiarity and arogancy still there to stay ("Dear God, what is it like in your tiny little brains? It must be so boring. "), he IS Sherlock Holmes you know, go figure! Another interesting spin in the character... he sometimes humorous and even a little childish -specially with people who knew him quite well- which I really like, made him... more human ("Sherlock Holmes is a great man, and I think one day-if we're very, very lucky-he might even be a good one.").

How about Dr. John Watson? He's an army doctor, just back from peace keeping tour in Afganistan. He got shot in his left shoulder but had a psychosomatic limp in his right legs (the writers made a little fun out of Sir Arthur blunders in Dr. Watson's wound). The limp latter was cure by his association to Sherlock ("When you walk with Sherlock Holmes, you see the battlefield. You're not haunted by the war, Dr. Watson. You miss it.") He's fascinated by Sherlock's way of thinking, which to Sherlock himself rather bizarre to be greatfuly receipt("That was amazing." |"That is not what people normally say." |"What do people normally say?" |"Piss off."). He and Sherlock is calling each other first name based, not Watson and Holmes like in the original books (yeah... that's punctuated the title too).

John and Sherlock relation to other people are oftenly mistaken as romantic couple (or are they...??!?), but I stick to the original premise that Sherlock just don't interested in love, hell... he even does not eat while in a case ("Don't eat when I'm working. Digesting slows me down.") But this err keep emerge and bothered John a little. Everytime Sherlock introduce him as his "friend", John keep correcting it to "colleage". I find it a little ludicrous, Sherlock keep to the words original meaning, they are not just colleages, not after John saving his life (noticed, that before this event, Sherlock never introduce him, he just said that Dr. Watson is with him), they are friends. While to John, he feel more about what people thinking as "friends", so he keep it in bussiness term as colleages.

I haven't seen anyone better to play Sherlock character than Benedict Cumberbatch. In my mind, that was the image of pointed-pale-harsh-face with smart-piercing-eyes and somewhat awkward-unsosialized-manipulating behaviors of Sherlock Holmes. He potrait it best, even better than, say... Robert Downey Jr. And his chemistry with Martin Freeman as John Watson and Rupert Graves as Lestrade is just perfect. All and all, I must said I'm highly impressed by this series and couldn't stop craving for more. IMDB gave it 9 out of 10 stars, I give it 5 over 5 stars.

The 3 episodes in 1st season:
1-) A Study in Pink: A pink suitcase hold the key to solving four suicides, which actually a serial killer in action.
Sherlock first met his flat mate Dr. John Watson.
Sherlock first heard of his archenemy Prof. Moriarty.
We acquitance to his brother, Mycroft Holmes.
The title is a pun to the original series: A Study in Scarlett

2-) The Blind Banker: A painted symbols open a deep underground smuggler of chinesse antiquities.
It reminds me of the chryptography -which is one of many fields that Sherlock being omniscience-, both in The Adventure of Dancing Men (the pictures and symbolism) and The Valey of Fear (the book referenced), but nothing obvious, we can still enjoy the mystery.

3-)The Great Game: A double case of theft and a death regarding missile plans and a massive bomb blast/hostage situation.
Sherlock finally met Prof Moriarty.
Sherlock has Homeless Network instead of Baker Street Irregulars.
This is taken from the original series The Bruce-Partington Plans, with Alan West instead of Arthur Cadogan West, added a little twist and modernise setting. I also recall this simillar idea have been taken by Agatha Christie to be added her own twist for Poirot's adventure in The Submarine Plan.

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