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Avicenna - Life Captived in Seven Layer Fortress

Biography Novel of Ibnu Sina
(Sajin Qal'ah al-Aswar as-Sab'ah)

"Be careful Syehk, relative peace probably better that relative just!"
-Syams ad-Dawlah-

As-syaikh Ar-Rais Abu Ali Ibn Sina (908-1037), more known in western medical science as Avicenna, was a philosopher, poet, scientist, politician, and most importantly a great healer. He took the basic of science and logic, and by using scientific methods he looked for remedy for his patients. Unfortunately, all these greatness later on also inflicted him into long lasting political intrigue. His stubbornness to support righteousness and just did not collocated with palace way of living and power struggling happened surround him. Repeatedly lived on luxury, then fall into escapee, became Prime Minister then locked up in prison, splendors and baseness came flitsfuly, until the end of his life, he even lost his only wife. But during those time struggles, his masterpiece was being written.

As the tag in the title, this is a biography-novel. Written on first man point of view, Ibn Sina, but being told as a novel. It's accommodating the major line of his life since childhood until the end comes. In the beginning, the story was so dense and hastily as like reading a curriculum vitae. But after 4-5 chapter, the story line was more appropriate and flowing more naturally.

To be an introducer to Ibn Sina, this book was rather decent, but as the essential it's not wholly precise. His brilliant mind in medical science very minimumnly shown, and as his vigor and greatness personality was being captured so shallow and flats. But then again, Avicenna was a biggest Muslim-scientific-philosopher ten centuries ago. To sum-up his whole life in 294 pages book sounds impossible. This novel could answer the question "who is Avicenna", but not for "what was Avicenna like in his life" question.

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