Monday, July 18, 2005

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Does anyone notice that this book doesn't show Voldemort at all?? Well... His appearances just in the young Riddle form in some old Pensieve. Hello.... Where is he now....What he's been doing recently....And how the hell Dumbledore's hand gets injured?
Oooo..... I cannot wait for the seventh book.
Just hope something Gryffindor or Ravenclaw doesn't mean Harry himself!!

This sixth book had me broken hearted. I never wanted to believe that Severus Snape would fell to the dark side. But the evidence was undeniable. Dumbledore died and Snape the one who cursed him. From the start I thought he just a proud man once collide with James Potter, and then bitterer by his unwavering loved to Lily who chosen James instead of him. Although he would never admit it, he would never harm Harry. He dislikes Harry, but to harm him?? I think not – remember Harry’s first quidditch game, it was Snape who saved him from Quirrel’s spell. So why - in the name of Merlin – would he betray Dumbledore’s trust? Unless they were faking it. But Dumbledore was truly dead. And Harry Potter is not X-Files. In Harry Potter's realm, The Dead stays Dead! (Even if you can see them in Pensieve..., or talk to their paintings..., or in your head..., I'm mumbling, aren't I??)

CANNOT WAIT for the seventh book.

Maybe this is what HP would say to GW :

For as much as I’ll miss you…

I love you more!

PS: Who’s 5th year perfect for Gryffindor? Ginny?? Luna??

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