Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Long distance

One day, a teacher asked her students, "why people shout to each other when they get mad?"
After thingking for a while, a boy raised his hand and say "because they loose their patient"
"But they stood by one another, why should they yell, can't they just speak?"

Almost every student gave their reasons, none of it satisfied enough. Then they run out of answer. A girl then said, "please tell us why...."

"The answer is the same with people doesn't need words when they are in love.... When people get mad, their heart become apart so very far, so they need to speak louder the be heard. But the odd thing is, the more they yell, the more the anger stroke, and by that, they should need to yell even louder.... In the contrary, when people in love, there are no distance in their heart. In the end, no words need to be spoken. A lift of the eyes could speak a thousand words."

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