Monday, June 21, 2004

The Day After Tomorrow

This movie supposely tell about global heat, but turn to be "nowhere to start nowhere to end movie". I mean seriously, how on earth that sudennly climate could turn so dramatically without any devine cause (no big asteroid, no sun spot, nothing) than come back to normal in 10 days.... c'mon... is it some kind of pratical joke or something?? Last ice-age is staying for centuries... and yes, mankind survive!

It is really a waste for a very good theory about global heat (I mean, I completely agree when Jack Hall said, "If we don't start act now, our grandchildren will suffer"). The rest of theory is also fascinating, pollution, glasshaouse effect, global heating, sea water salinity, ice storm, frozen mamoth and so on. But the cause and the end of the disaster itself is too "made up" and I find it hard to believe.

Despite of that, special effects is spectacullar. And the ideas, really Roland Emmerich's. The stunning part is when a BIG ship docking in front of New York Public Library!! :)

And beside that, the drama under disaster is really enjoyable. A family that really a family even when every and each of them reaching for their dream (whiiuu... good example for luv is set free). A friendship under presure circumstances. Some dedicated workers. A promise to keep.

One thing that keep dancing in my mind is the survivor in this story, all is the most bright people (four students that was the top of their class, two librarians who knows their books well, and a girl who debates about Nitsche) or the most lucky person (like the lucky homeless and his dog). A nature selections?? Really??

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