Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Love Actually is all around!

Not many of brittish movie is came to face. I can only think of Four Funeral and a Wedding.
This another one, it's called Love Actually, and it has a bunch of hot English MovieStar. And I mean HOT :)
It's said that love actually is a perfect little movie about love and it's many faces. about the way, love can happen to anybody, in any situation. Can't agree more than that.

The story of Mark really touch my heart. Almost couldn't believe there are such a nobel, fool... but still nobel, way of loving. He loved her very much, and want her to be happy.... just happy.... without condition and without confusion. He loved him very much, to much to never jeopardize their friendship. He love himself, enough to show them their love, and then move on.... carrying memories, friendships and love inside. Ahead to long journey of life........